Project / Objectives

Assessing the present status of nature and ecosystems

biological data, including maps of the range and occurrence of species of Community interest;

national map of ecosystems and ecosystem status;

national GIS database of landscape character areas including up-to-date information on their status;

map of the national green-infrastructure network

Developing tools and methods for long term conservation

upgraded national methodology for the monitoring of species and habitats of Community interest;

national methodology for the mapping and assessment of ecosystems and ecosystem services;

guidelines for the monitoring of landscape changes and planning landscape protection measures;

national green infrastructure development plan, including the national restoration prioritsation framework required by the EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2020 

Inclusion, participation, awareness-rising

expert groups established for different groups of natural values (species, habitats) of Community interest;

coordination mechanisms serving as a science-policy interface supporting the mapping and assessment of ecosystem services;

participatory planning processes launched at the local and national level;

actions to raise awareness 

Responding to duties and commitments under various strategies, directives & international agreements
such as the

EU nature directives;

EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2020;

National Strategy for the Protection of Biological Diversity (2014-2020);

European Landscape Agreement etc.