Project / Activities
Project activities are implemented in the framework of four specific, but strongly 4 interrelated subprojects:
1. NATURA subproject: Developing the knowledge database for the conservation of species and habitats of community interest

- Assessing the range, distribution of 25 data deficient species and the conservation status of 45 habitats of Community interest

- Field surveys- Assessing conservation status based on actual field data

- Refining methodology for monitoring

- Habitat mapping on 27 600 ha- Preparing species’ management plans (8 new, 10 updated)

- Updating the national Natura 2000 Prioritised Action Framework
2. ECOSYSTEM-SERVICES subproject: National mapping and assessment of ecosystems and ecosystem services

- Mapping and assessment of natural and close-to-natural ecosystems

- Build up spatial databases of ecosystems (thematic maps on ecosystem status)

- Creating the national priority list of ecosystem services

- Developing an integrated model for the mapping and evaluation of ecosystem services

- The economic evaluation of ecosystem services

- Assessment of the contribution of ecosystem services to human well-being

- Mainstreaming results into various sectors
3. LANDSCAPE CHARACTER subproject: Establisment of the strategic framework for the conservation and landscape  values

- Developing a methodology for the classification of Hungarian landscapes based on landscape character

- Delimitation and description of national landscape character units

- Creating methodology and a national GIS database on landscape character units

- Launching pilot projects on the local level

- Assessing the status of landscapes, developing guidelines and setting targets for their future management 

- Defining directions of use in public administration and spatial planning
4. GREEN INFRASTRUUCTURE subproject: Defining the strategic framework for the conservation and development of green infrastructure in Hungary

- Mapping of the present green infrastructure network

- Assessing the status and defining elements of green infrastructure

- Launching pilot projects for the management of green infrastructure at the level of settlements and micro-regions (groups of settlements)

- Defining conflict areas and providing a delimitation of restoration zones- Establishing the national green infrastructure development plan and setting national restoration priorites